Excellent Wood Flooring Services in Ballinger, WA

Kennedy Hardwood Floors Inc is a company that specializes in providing excellent wood flooring and other woodworking services for clients in the region. Licensed, insured, and bonded, I cater to the needs of locals residents, and my company has had the opportunity to serve many homeowners in Ballinger, WA. I love visiting this neighborhood, and I am always happy to work with the locals, which is why I have put together this page, introducing my clients to more information about the lovely community.

Ballinger, WA is a peaceful place that boasts a 100-acre lake where during March and April sees the Rainbow trout fishing prospects peak. It also has many trees and green areas, where residents enjoy a calm, safe, and quiet neighborhood. There are many parks that offer locals the opportunity for rest, fun, and activities with their children. The place has access to the freeway and is convenient for cars and other transportation. The citizens and environment are also dog-friendly and here, residents can often be seen with man’s best friend.

The area is perfect for hanging out with your friends and family, and one can enjoy many of the excellent local restaurants, movie theaters, and hiking grounds. I enjoy delivering my wood flooring service to the locals and never miss to visit my favorite restaurant after a hard day of work.

My company specializes in wood flooring and woodworking and can provide you with outstanding services for your project. Whether you are a resident in Ballinger area or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, I am here to help you with your needs. With over 33 years of experience, I will meet your requirements. Call me at (206) 629-8112 to book an appointment!

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