The Hardwood Flooring Repair and Installation Services in Brier, WA to Meet Your Requirements

Kennedy Hardwood Floors Inc is a company that provides professional hardwood flooring repair and installation services. I also specialize in woodworking, providing services such as sanding, pre-finishing, staining, and more. I even do border and engineered floor installations. Licensed, I cater to the needs of my clients, and I have visited Brier, WA on many occasions. Here, I enjoy the open areas and landscape, every time I come to do work for the locals.

Brier, WA is a small suburban area with a population of approximately 6,300. The city’s history and development lead to an environment that is best described as one with large homesites and semi-rural wooded areas. The city retains the original spacious and semi-rural wooded characteristics of the area, remaining relatively simple, small, and intimate, where residents enjoy minimum taxation and regulation. It holds an annual event in August called “SeaScare” that has music, dancing, and contests with nautical themes and as a finale has a porch light parade.

The future of Brier looks consistent with the pattern that is evident today, and the town is one of the most enjoyable single-family residential community in the region. If you, like me, enjoy preservation of open space and natural landscape, you should definitely visit or even consider becoming a part of the local community.

My company offers hardwood flooring repair and installation, as well as woodworking, and I will offer you services that will match your requirements. Whether you reside in the Brier area or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, my company is here to assist you with your needs. My 33 years of experience and professional skills will surely help you complete your project. Call me at (206) 629-8112 to book an appointment!
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