A Reliable Hardwood Flooring Service in Echo Lake, WA

Kennedy Hardwood Floors Inc is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for a hardwood flooring service. Licensed and bonded, I can take care of the needs of any residential client, and I use a personalized approach for each project. My hardwood flooring service can include installation work, repairs, maintenance, and more. I have done work for many homeowners in Echo Lake, WA, and I love visiting this area. Here, I have the opportunity to enjoy my passion for fishing, which is why I want to share some information on the region.

Echo Lake, WA is the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of the area. Boat rides and fishing makes this lake area unique for people who want rest and relaxation or more exciting pursuits. I enjoy my time here whenever I visit and sincerely recommend the region.

The lake itself covers 21.5 acres with an average depth of 17 feet and offers many recreational opportunities. These include a public boat launch that follows Snohomish County boating regulations, as well as fishing. You can check for more information on fish stocking schedules, the boat launch, or the commonly caught fish calendars.

If you are located near Echo Lake, you can always count on me for my hardwood flooring service, and I will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Having over 33 years of professional experience, I will take care of your installation, repair, and sanding needs in a timely and efficient manner. Call me at (206) 629-8112 to book an appointment!

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