Reliable Hardwood Flooring Installation Services in Esperance, WA

Kennedy Hardwood Floors Inc is the company that will provide you with an outstanding hardwood flooring installation service, as well as other services that range from sanding and coating to staining, pre-finish, and engineered flooring installation. Licensed, bonded, and insured, I aim to offer local residents a service that reflects every modern standard. I have done numerous jobs for residential clients in Esperance, WA, and I have come to admire people in this neighborhood. I enjoy working with the locals, and I want to put in a few good words for this amazing region.

Esperance, WA is a part of the Snohomish County, and an enclave of the city of Edmonds. The population is around 4 000 and each of the locals I have worked with has proven to be a warm and welcoming person. Here, I often find myself enjoying the scenery and the local cuisine, as well as the calm and peaceful environment. Whether I visit to provide one of my clients with my hardwood flooring service or I am just passing by, I usually stop by one of the amazing local coffee-houses, which I sincerely recommend.

The region is ideal for people who want to rest, hang out with friends, or enjoy one of the exceptional local restaurants. Every time I have to come for a hardwood flooring installation service, I am glad to be doing work for the local residents.

My woodworking and hardwood flooring installation service is available at reasonable rates, and I work with residential clients only. This way, I provide a personalized service that meets the individual requirements of my clients. Whether you reside in the Esperance area or the surrounding neighborhoods, you can count on me to offer you outstanding services. Having 33 years of experience, I can take on the most challenging jobs. Call me at (206) 629-8112 to learn more!

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